Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leap of Faith

Walt: write a story in sequence
Leap of Faith

It felt like my life was at stake because it was like I was on top of the world for some reason. As I stood upon the earth the glitz of the oceans wow factored me, especially because it was dawn. The sight was amazing even though the earth was as still as a rock.

Mission control babbled to me for a very long time. “Are you ready to jump?”. My heart sank, because anything could happen. “No sorry not ready yet, I‘m very frightened”. “Don't worry
everything will be okay” said the Mission controller. I thought about my husband and kids and what they would be doing right now and what they looked like.

“Are you ready now?” 
“Yes of course I am. I am a daredevil.” JUMP! Then I finally jumped, it was very breathtaking. It felt like I was a flying eagle free from everyone. Nearly to the ground, I pulled my parachute but it did not open I panicked I screamed “help me I’m going to die, help!”

The fire brigade came with a huge trampoline for me to land on. My legs and arms felt like spaghetti. The trampoline was right there in my face I bounced, bounced like a kangaroo. Woohoo! A safe landing. I danced my way off the trampoline, ran to my husband and kids and hugged them. Earth sweet Earth.
The message of this story is that if you believe in yourself anything can happen.


Amber said...

Hello Crystal I like your story and choice of words. What do you think would be safer, a huge trampoline or heaps of boxes?

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