Thursday, 30 May 2013

Multiplication Model

Walt: test our tables.

This game was called Multiplication Model. Firstly, you have to know your times tables. That’s all that this game needs. I found this game very easy. I enjoyed it too because afterwards you got to dress up the models that the game gave you. The next game I would like to play next is a game division.


Walt: estimate angles.

This game was about angles. You had to try and guess the right amount, where the dog was.  When you get the answer right the dog would get wet. 90 degrees does not wet the slide, but 180 degrees will.

I found the game very easy, because I know my angles. Also, the game gave you a answer where the object was, which made it very easy.

Ancient Egypt: The written word

Walt: look for information

  1. Hieroglyphics is a Greek word for sacred carving
  2. 1% of Ancient Egypt knew how to read or write
  3. They mainly wrote on tombs and temple walls
  4. There were more than 700 hieroglyphics used in Ancient Egypt
  5. Hieroglyphic numbers were developed to calculate math problems.

     1. The scribe’s main tool was called kalamos
     2. Ascribes job was more similar to painting than writing
     3. Documents were only written in red or black
     4. Ancient scribes usually wrote standing or kneeling
     5. Not until 2000 BC they started doing desks

  1. Papyrus was the first example of paper
  2. Papyrus was made out of a reed
  3. In Egyptians Papyrus ment property of Pharaoh
  4. Papyrus was made by ripping off the reeds outer skin
  5. The papyrus was cut into a standard size, about 22 cm

Wednesday, 22 May 2013


Walt: write an information report.

The Egyptians built the Pyramids because when the Pharaohs died they would place the body into the pyramids. It was the final resting place for the Pharaoh. The Egyptians would also leave precious things for him like gold, jewellery and much more.

The embalmers (people who looked after the dead corps) would wash the body. Then after that the embalmers would take out all the insides and put them into four special jars. Afterwards, the embalmers would put sacks of salt around the corps and dry out the body. Then finally wrapped the mummy with bandages. These mummies were places in the pyramids as the final resting place.

It is believed that it took about 20/30 years for the slaves of Egypt to build the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Great pyramid is located on the Giza plateau. It is roughly, 21 km south west of Cairo and on the west bank of the Nile River.

Friday, 17 May 2013


My name in hieroglyphics.

Wylie the Eagle

Wylie the eagle lives in Egypt. He was so hungry. He decided to find a juicy, plump lizard. But the lizard scurried into a pile of rocks. Wylie was upset that he never got to catch the lizard. As he was up so high he looked down and noticed that everything was covered in thick layers of sand. He thought he wasn't going to find anything to eat.

As he was swooping he landed on one of the Great Pyramids. He could see from miles up there, he could also see the Nile River. He thought to himself, maybe I could find something down there. And he was right, he saw all sorts of animals. But best of all he spotted loads of fish. He swoops down with relief and snatched one of the delicious fish.

After he finished his dinner he wondered what will tomorrow be like.

Batter up Baseball

Our aim for this week was to use tidy numbers to solve multiplication problems. I found it a bit challenging. I asked one of my friends Tainah to show me how to do solve most of the problems but she confused me.

The game I played was called Batter up Baseball. The strategy I used was tidy numbers. The answer was 105. The challenging part with this program was taking a screenshot, because it doesn't work on my net book. What I would like to learn next is how to use different strategies to solve multiplication problems.

Thursday, 16 May 2013


walt: use our emotions to describe playing sports.

Spectating is very different from playing netball. People usually say that the pressure is on the shooter but to me I felt like the pressure was on me. When I was watching the netball game on Tuesday I felt very nervous even though I wasn’t playing. In a way I felt mixed emotions for the whole team. It was fun watching them win.

Every Monday and Friday I have netball training. I play for the Lorenz. When I first started playing I was very shy because I didn’t know anyone there. When we train I feel motivated, fit and I enjoy it. We do ball drills and we have special codes. Before we start our game I don’t really feel nervous or feel pressure, because I know our team its trying there best. Matt or coach its very strict but I like that because he makes me better at netball. When we play on Saturdays, at times I just want to go home. Even though we don’t win some of our games I still love netball.`

Wednesday, 15 May 2013

Google lit trip

View Glen Innes New Zealand in a larger map. Click this link to also read my wonderful story.

This is my own Google Lit Trip. Take a tour around Mount Wellington and Glen Innes and be amazed by my work. 

Friday, 10 May 2013


The first game I played was called Catch the fly. The game was very easy because I now know how to do coordinates. I enjoyed the game very much but I would enjoy it more if we could have more challenging work.

The next game I played was called where’s the monkey? The aim of the game was to see how close was the monkey, to find out you had to click anywhere on the screen, and then number will appear those numbers mean how close you are to the monkey. That game was a bit challenging but I enjoyed it. I think that’s the type of game I would like to play more often.

Selecting a Math game

This week our Walt was, revising multiplication. The easiest part for me was using place value to solve problems on the sheet, and the questions that our teacher gave us. It wasn’t really that difficult because I’ve been learning my times tables. I would like it if Mrs Ramkolowan could give our group harder work. I don’t really know what I want to learn next.


Thoth is an ancient Egyptian Myth. There were eight characters in the story and they are, Shu the son of the sun god, Ra the king of Egypt, his daughter Nut, Geb another god , Thoth is the god of the moon, time and measure. Osiris and Isis, were also gods.
Nut fell in love with Geb and Shu was very jealous so he turned Nut into the sky and Geb into the earth. Then he cursed Nut so she couldn’t have children. Thoth, took pity of the  couple. So he challenged the gods to a game of dice and he won. For his prize he wanted the gods to give him five days to Nut because the five days didn’t belong to any month. They didn't belong with Shu’s curse. So Thoth was able to make five kids, and a few of the children were Osiris and Isis.
I now know that the ancient egyptians added five days to the calendar and how to pronounce the gods names.

Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My island of paradise

walt: write a creative story in paragraphs.

If I had a island of my own, it would be extraordinary, bizarre and amazing. My island will be  only for my friends and family.

I would have an enormous swimming pool, to practice swimming for the olympics. Or when its a luminous day we could all have a pool party. I would also own a beach, so I could send fishermen to catch fish for the island.

My house would have a glass roof like a atrium. So every evening I could observe the stars. My house would have its own cinema inside, I could watch any movie I wanted. The cinema would have it’s own snack shop. It would have heaps of rooms because I don’t like sharing with my siblings.

I would have a roller skate rink. Every Saturdays I would gather my friends and go roller skating. I also need to learn how to roller skate because I not really good at skating.

And the best part of my island would have to be my chocolate factory. Because I’m  a chocoholic and I would hire my friends to make the chocolate and things.

If this was a reality life would be beyond amazing!