Friday, 30 August 2013

Character Study

Alan is a child in six people. He’s the second oldest in his family. Mum, dad, his brother ben who was fourteen. His youngest siblings Beth and Fin. And then there's him. He is ten.

Alan is very caring. In the story Queen of the barn we see this when he cares his cat to the vet and it took him 30 minutes to walk there. Also, he took off his jumper and covered the cat to the vet. This shows that Alan is very caring. He is also very hard working. Because he has a part time job and saved up $470 dollars. He is very thrifty.

Alan is a very interesting character. He is caring and kind very nice and is money wise.


claudia said...

Hey Crystal, I was reading this character study I really like how you chosen Alan. I thought Alan was kind and caring as well because Alan had found his cat run over. Alan decided to go to the vet place. To get Daisy the cat fixed. I love this character study Crystal.

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