Tuesday, 7 May 2013

My island of paradise

walt: write a creative story in paragraphs.

If I had a island of my own, it would be extraordinary, bizarre and amazing. My island will be  only for my friends and family.

I would have an enormous swimming pool, to practice swimming for the olympics. Or when its a luminous day we could all have a pool party. I would also own a beach, so I could send fishermen to catch fish for the island.

My house would have a glass roof like a atrium. So every evening I could observe the stars. My house would have its own cinema inside, I could watch any movie I wanted. The cinema would have it’s own snack shop. It would have heaps of rooms because I don’t like sharing with my siblings.

I would have a roller skate rink. Every Saturdays I would gather my friends and go roller skating. I also need to learn how to roller skate because I not really good at skating.

And the best part of my island would have to be my chocolate factory. Because I’m  a chocoholic and I would hire my friends to make the chocolate and things.

If this was a reality life would be beyond amazing!


Britney said...

Kia Orana. First thing i'm going to say is that I knew you were going to get a swimming pool. Your really great. Your ideas were amazing. Work hard play hard and rock on.

Alisi said...

Hello Crystal, I really enjoy that you like swimming and included that swimming pool. Any ways why don't you want to share with your siblings?

Adrienne said...

Hi Crystal I really love your story especially when you decided that you would have a fantastic day with your family in Paradise island.I also love the descriptive words you use in your story. I am looking forward to read more stories on your blog.

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