Friday, 10 May 2013


The first game I played was called Catch the fly. The game was very easy because I now know how to do coordinates. I enjoyed the game very much but I would enjoy it more if we could have more challenging work.

The next game I played was called where’s the monkey? The aim of the game was to see how close was the monkey, to find out you had to click anywhere on the screen, and then number will appear those numbers mean how close you are to the monkey. That game was a bit challenging but I enjoyed it. I think that’s the type of game I would like to play more often.


Arihi said...

Hi Crystal I like your Maths Screenshot was it hard.

Britney said...

You are doing really well as I knew you would. You put your head down and kept working. Your getting better and working harder. What do want to learn or improve on next?

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