Friday, 18 October 2013


If a bully is going to bully you don't be Sponge bob or Hulk, be superman!

Right choices

Genesis came to help stop bullying at our school. We all enjoyed ourselves and I would like them to come back to our school again!

Genesis and Kaho

Kaho was chosen to be an actor in one of the activities Genesis did with us. He stood up for himself and said he will tell Mrs Flower on him if the bully tries and steals his shoes. Kaho was a good actor, and he made me laugh.

The trip back home

Walt: write a narrative.

Standing on the sideline cheering for Jamie. She looked like a tree out there. Just swaying in the wind on the hockey field. I remembered while we were on the bus to Totara Springs Camp, she told me she didn’t want to come here. She did not supply any reasons.

Its Thursday and still she’s still looking depressed. I screamed,
“Hurry, Jamie hit the hockey ball into the goal!” She tried but then stumbles and falls. The other team gets the last goal. There team was screaming and jumping with joy. Then you have a look at our school, everyones heads are down, walking sluggish. Jamie sprinted all the way back to the girls dormitory, crying and moaning.

“I want to go home” Jamie said rubbing her eyes.
I shuffle my way through the bags and clothes, then sit next to her on the bunk beds.
“You tried. Not everybody's good at everything.” I said to her.
She looks at me and gives me a hug. I give her a shug,
“come on toughen up Jamie.” She laughs, and helps me up.
“Lets go to dinner” I said.

It now Friday, the every last day of Sports camp. Everybody was at quality living waiting for the trophies and certificates to be handed out. Children were nominated by the teachers to get the trophy or a certificate. Soccer, netball, volleyball girls, volleyball boys, cage soccer and much much more were being called out.Then suddenly you hear,
“hockey girls, winners Weymouth. Runners Up, Glen Innes”.
Everybodys looking at the teachers beside Jamie. Mr Hendricks whispers,
“Jamie get up.” She looks at him.
“Come on get up”. She slowly walks over to the lady kindly handing the certificate over to her.

“Underlay underlay we are G.I G.I ohhhhhhhhhhh!!! whats happening now?”
The whole school cheers. She looks at me and gives me a grin. Jamie handed the certificate to Mr Hendricks and sat down. Mrs Barry gave her a pat on the back. I say to her
“You still want to go home?”
“Yeah I still do” Jamie said.
The special assembly then finished. Everybody is lining up to get lunch. We all went to our dormitories and packed everything up. We stack our stuff where our bus was going to be. But then, another school took our bus! That school was Weymouth. Jamie was really annoyed because she wanted to go home.

Everybody was either lying on their bags or they were playing with a ball. A man named Andrew came over to us. “Since you guys are the last school do you guys want to go on the slide?” Everybody was so excited. We ran to get our togs and we went straight to the slide. Jamie actually had a smile on her face. I shuffled over to her struggling to hold my towel around my waist. “You want to go down with me?” she nodded.

Waiting in the hot gleaming sun, its finally our turn. Waiting for the lady to tell us go we sit on the slide where water is streaming out of the sides.
“Okay go” the lady says.
Woosh, we go down slipping and sliding everywhere. Finally at the end there is a pool. We quickly get out of the pool and run back to the top. Mr Hendricks said that we have to get dressed. “I dont want to go home.” Jamie says to me.
“But just a few hours ago you just said to me you don't want to go home.” I said.
“Well now I don’t.” She said.
“Oh well, you’re going to have to wait till  


Dear Genesis

Thank you for coming to our school and talking about Bullying and making the right decision. I enjoyed watching you guys sing, dance and act. It was very entertaining. I would like to see you guys come back to our school once again, to inspire more of our kids to not bully and to be like superman and make the right decision. From now on I am going to be like superman and tell an adult. The rap was very catchy. The lollies were yum. Everybody had a smile on there face, it was really nice to see that. Genesis is really, really awesome!

Yours sincerely,