Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

In reading I achieved 3A.  It wasn’t a very good score, but I improved from the last e-asttle test we had. I was a 3B. Some of the things I did well were understanding the text and compare what is right what is wrong. I need to work harder on working out the meaning of  new words from the story  and skimming and  scanning.  My next aim is to get up to a 4P or a 4A.  I will take a book home everyday.

Maths is one of the most trickiest subjects for me. In maths I came out at a 3P. That’s not good. Only because in my last test I was 3A. My strengths were interpreting graphs and writing and solving whole number problems. Things I need to work harder on are using the symbols and be able to read mass, measurement and volume. I want to try and get to a 4A.
This morning we had a geometry and statistics test. I was very disappointed because I got a 3B. I was expecting a 3P or a 3A. Some of my strengths were reflection or rotational symmetry of an object and choose and construct data displays to show significant features. Some of my gaps were make statements about data shown in a statistical display and describe the features of 2D and 3D objects using the language of geometry.
My goal for term 2 is to try harder in everything, because my previous results weren't very good. If I get to the National Standards, I would be so happy. But if I get past the National Standards I will be over the moon!

Wednesday, 17 April 2013


Walt: make a toy

This term we have been learning about the mechanisms of toys. We got to make our own toy with simple things.

First of all we had to plan out the toy then finally if you had all your materials you could make your toy.

The toy that I made was a puppet car. At first my toy was a balloon car but it did not work. It broke very easily. Luckily, I got some help from a few of my friends. It took a very long time to fix it but in the end it came out alright.

I used 14 skewers, 10 straws, tape, string, your own controller, cardboard and 4 c.d’s. Some of the materials were hard to find, especially the skewers. My first project was very easy to make, but when it broke it was very difficult to fix, so I had to come with a new design.

Today, Mr. Hendricks chose the best projects. And they were Britney, Matthew and Mikayla. I think that he enjoyed every toy. But he could only choose three.

I would like to learn how could I use different mechanisms in different ways. And instead of making toys with simple materials maybe we could use electric things.

Food Tech

Walt: to prepare foods from all around world.

I enjoyed cooking with Alisi and trying out new foods from all around the world. I also enjoyed Ms Heka’s teaching.

Some of the things I disliked was the food we cooked,especially the Pisupo and the children  getting cut.

After tech Ms Heka would always ask us to cook at home but I wouldn’t usually do that. Not that I didn’t like it but because sometimes I’d forget how to cook it.

What I would like to make next is spicy food because I’m not use to that kind of food, and its always nice to try out new food.

Friday, 12 April 2013


Walt: use decomposition to solve addition and subtraction problems

This week I have learnt how to use decomposition to solve math problems. Decomposition is a simple way to add and subtract. I too, sometimes find it challenging but the more we try the easier it becomes.

Glen Innes School

walt: write in paragraphs

In Glen Innes School we are one big family. Even though we are very different we all accept each other as equals.  

We are all caring here at G.I.S. If there are any injuries, the kids will help you and take you to the sick bay. Also if you don’t have lunch our friendly staff members will give you morning tea or lunch.

At school everyday is a exciting, a new experience and fun. We are a very lucky school because we have a pool, we celebrate a lot of things like Race Relations Day and Easter. We have  pool too! Our school even holds a talent quest.

Our children at school are very innovative. Our principal innovates us to train hard for sports camp. And netbooks have made a huge impact on our learning. Not much schools do the things that we do that its why we are a very special school.

Our school is caring, innovative and fun learning environment. My dad came to this school when he was little too. And I’m proud to be attending the same school as my dad.