Tuesday, 11 December 2012

Socialising with Room 6 at St Pius X School

Dear room 6
Thanks for the fabulous experience. I learnt how to interact with people I have never met before. You guys are very lucky to have a teacher like Mrs Moodley. I could immediately see that she taught you guys the basic virtues.

Playing the ukulele was really interesting. I didn’t really know how to play the ukulele that much but now I know how to play G7, C7 and C. Mrs Carter use to be my music teacher at my old school.

It was a pity that we had to leave but all good things must come to an end. Hopefully we get to do it sometime again.

Yours sincerely Crystal King from Glen Innes School

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Netbook Reflection 2012

Our school days are not like they use to be. Netbook? When that word comes to mind I think about learn, create and share.

For example we had to make a movie about our experience making an eBook. First we had to gather information about animals, create a eBook then share with our buddies in the junior classes.

We also share on our blogs. I once visited my friends blog and when I looked at her visitors map, there were so many red dots I couldn't see the map. She has been blogging for about three years. I can't wait till my visitor map looks like hers.

What I am looking forward to next year is that we learn to use our netbooks in more interesting ways. 

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Leap of Faith

Walt: write a story in sequence
Leap of Faith

It felt like my life was at stake because it was like I was on top of the world for some reason. As I stood upon the earth the glitz of the oceans wow factored me, especially because it was dawn. The sight was amazing even though the earth was as still as a rock.

Mission control babbled to me for a very long time. “Are you ready to jump?”. My heart sank, because anything could happen. “No sorry not ready yet, I‘m very frightened”. “Don't worry
everything will be okay” said the Mission controller. I thought about my husband and kids and what they would be doing right now and what they looked like.

“Are you ready now?” 
“Yes of course I am. I am a daredevil.” JUMP! Then I finally jumped, it was very breathtaking. It felt like I was a flying eagle free from everyone. Nearly to the ground, I pulled my parachute but it did not open I panicked I screamed “help me I’m going to die, help!”

The fire brigade came with a huge trampoline for me to land on. My legs and arms felt like spaghetti. The trampoline was right there in my face I bounced, bounced like a kangaroo. Woohoo! A safe landing. I danced my way off the trampoline, ran to my husband and kids and hugged them. Earth sweet Earth.
The message of this story is that if you believe in yourself anything can happen.

Wednesday, 24 October 2012

Disco Fever

Our First Disco
It was an amazing feeling just to be there. Seeing my best friends made my day because I did not think that they would come. It wasn’t really about the food because most people didn’t buy much. The music was astonishing to be honest, I thought that the music was going to be the 70‘s or 80‘s music. It was more like a glow party because it was dark and I think that every child had something that glowed. The children looked mind blowing, they came in their flash clothes. I wish we could have another Disco once again.

Thursday, 27 September 2012

Glen Innes School is the best!

Glen Innes School Chant

GI School is the best
We will beat the rest
Do we try hard?
Oh boy yes! we do.
We’re  humble
And never grumble!
Kick the rugby ball through the poles,
watch that soccer ball roll, roll, roll.
We go out there to play hard and to win
And when we do we grin.

The children in our school
have the force

and we’re champions of course!

Friday, 14 September 2012

Survey and Report

Walt: to write a report on our survey

A few weeks ago I decided to find out “Who is your favourite teacher in Glen Innes School?” I used excel to draw my 3D graph. My data was represented in a column graph, it was a bit tricky but I got the hang of it. My target group was the seniors of our school.

I took the survey sheet around myself and personally asked them. 25 children were surveyed. I surmised that Mrs Barry is the most popular teacher. Mr Ramkolowan was the 2nd favourite teacher but the least favourite teachers were Mrs Webster, Mrs Manu and Mr Naidoo.

I think that most of the children chose Mrs Barry because she is the Sports Teacher and she is very fun to be around, hilarious and is very good at making connections with children.

Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hard Materials

Walt: write a narrative.

Every Monday the children in year seven of Glen Innes School have Technology at Tamaki College.  We do Hard Materials with Mr Grundy. He is very fun to work with.
This week we had to finish off our sketches from three weeks ago. I didn’t really enjoy the sketching because it got a bit boring and I’m not really an artist.  The measuring part was the easiest for me because I got it in one go. When we had finished our five designs we had to do the final design which is the wooden toy you would like to make with your housing joint.

I think we have Technology so that we can improve and enjoy Hard Materials. Also I think that we have Hard Materials so that we can make things with wood.

We did many things in Technology from cooking to ICT and even being creative with wood! It is not that easy to make things out of wood but once you get the hang of it you get better.  A few are very creative because they chose to do a note holder, a car, a flying car and even a space car!

I have learnt many different words like try square, axle and even wrench.  I have heard those words before but have not worked with them but now that I have started Hard Materials I have used a Try square and even a bench vice clamp.

I found so many things interesting in Technology like experimenting with the work tools. Using a Try square was fun, but my favourite thing experimenting with was the bench vice clamp and I made my housing joint.

Overall I enjoy every bit of Technology.

Friday, 31 August 2012

Pak'n Save

Dear Chris Wood

Thanks a lot for giving us great fillings for our healthy sandwiches! We really appreciated it. When I heard that you sponsored our school it made my day. The sandwiches that we made were absolutely delightful. The fillings that we used were, lettuce, cheese, cucumber, carrots, ham and tuna.

The tuna had slices of apple that made it taste sweet. My friend, Alisi said to grab a piece of cucumber and put cheese on top. It was nice.

Well I thanks a lot Pak'n Save I wish you could have sponsored us for the whole year. I can't wait till next Thursday.

Yours sincerely

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

You were awesome!

Valerie Adams.

New Zealand is very very proud of you Val. I think you were exceptional but I think you could have done better.  Don't be sad because at my school (Glen Innes School) you are a role model.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A message to the Olympic Swimming Team

To the New Zealand Swimming Olympic team !
Nice go at trying your best. I hope every single one of you guys do well but you don't need my blessings I guess you guys are already amazing! GO NEW ZEALAND.

Friday, 27 July 2012

A big thanks !

Dear Mum and Dad

Thank you very much, I appreciate the deposit you paid and the contract you signed. Thanks to you guys I have a brand new netbook. Here are the following reasons how the netbook is going to help me:

Firstly, in math the netbook will help me with fractions, like how to get quarters and halves and also how to to do equivalent fractions.

Secondly, in reading I think that the netbook will help me understand the purpose of the article, story or poem.

Lastly, in writing I think that it will help me correct my spelling and I will also use my check list and dictionary more often.

Overall I am so glad that you have done all of this for me. Thank you very much, love you heaps.

Your daughter,