Thursday, 13 September 2012

Hard Materials

Walt: write a narrative.

Every Monday the children in year seven of Glen Innes School have Technology at Tamaki College.  We do Hard Materials with Mr Grundy. He is very fun to work with.
This week we had to finish off our sketches from three weeks ago. I didn’t really enjoy the sketching because it got a bit boring and I’m not really an artist.  The measuring part was the easiest for me because I got it in one go. When we had finished our five designs we had to do the final design which is the wooden toy you would like to make with your housing joint.

I think we have Technology so that we can improve and enjoy Hard Materials. Also I think that we have Hard Materials so that we can make things with wood.

We did many things in Technology from cooking to ICT and even being creative with wood! It is not that easy to make things out of wood but once you get the hang of it you get better.  A few are very creative because they chose to do a note holder, a car, a flying car and even a space car!

I have learnt many different words like try square, axle and even wrench.  I have heard those words before but have not worked with them but now that I have started Hard Materials I have used a Try square and even a bench vice clamp.

I found so many things interesting in Technology like experimenting with the work tools. Using a Try square was fun, but my favourite thing experimenting with was the bench vice clamp and I made my housing joint.

Overall I enjoy every bit of Technology.


Alisi said...

Crystal I like your experimenting on the the tools in Technology. I enjoy Hard materials, too. Why do you like Technology, Crystal?

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