Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Food Tech

Walt: to prepare foods from all around world.

I enjoyed cooking with Alisi and trying out new foods from all around the world. I also enjoyed Ms Heka’s teaching.

Some of the things I disliked was the food we cooked,especially the Pisupo and the children  getting cut.

After tech Ms Heka would always ask us to cook at home but I wouldn’t usually do that. Not that I didn’t like it but because sometimes I’d forget how to cook it.

What I would like to make next is spicy food because I’m not use to that kind of food, and its always nice to try out new food.


Trey said...

Nice piece of writing. It was really fun making burgers which I think was the best so far. Are you looking forward to moving to the next technology class next term.

Crystal said...

Hey Trey. I agree with you on that one. Burgers where actually the best that we made. I'm not really looking forward to move to the next Tech, because I enjoy cooking! Are you looking forward to the next tech?

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