Thursday, 18 April 2013

My Reflections for term 1

In reading I achieved 3A.  It wasn’t a very good score, but I improved from the last e-asttle test we had. I was a 3B. Some of the things I did well were understanding the text and compare what is right what is wrong. I need to work harder on working out the meaning of  new words from the story  and skimming and  scanning.  My next aim is to get up to a 4P or a 4A.  I will take a book home everyday.

Maths is one of the most trickiest subjects for me. In maths I came out at a 3P. That’s not good. Only because in my last test I was 3A. My strengths were interpreting graphs and writing and solving whole number problems. Things I need to work harder on are using the symbols and be able to read mass, measurement and volume. I want to try and get to a 4A.
This morning we had a geometry and statistics test. I was very disappointed because I got a 3B. I was expecting a 3P or a 3A. Some of my strengths were reflection or rotational symmetry of an object and choose and construct data displays to show significant features. Some of my gaps were make statements about data shown in a statistical display and describe the features of 2D and 3D objects using the language of geometry.
My goal for term 2 is to try harder in everything, because my previous results weren't very good. If I get to the National Standards, I would be so happy. But if I get past the National Standards I will be over the moon!


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