Monday, 9 September 2013

Cross Country Poem

Walt: write a rap/poem.

Cross Country

We all line up to get ready to run
Everybody's seems like they're not having fun.
Its nearly time for us to go now
Everybody leaves with a POW.
I set myself a good pace.
Then I start to run and race.
Huffing and puffing like the big bad wolf.

I see the children in front of me
Looking like they are running free.
I pass the marshals as I go
giving them a friendly smile.
I'm nearly there, just a few more miles.

My legs are starting to feel like jelly
And I'm starting to get a sore belly.
I see the finish line it's right there
But I'm standing all the way over here.
“Come on Crystal pull yourself together”
At the moment I'm feeling light as a feather.

I know I didn't come first
But I don’t care I cheer with a burst!


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