Friday, 16 August 2013


Walt: write a rap poem.


We try our best to get a score
but the other teams are getting more.
The pressure is starting to get to us

we run to catch up, like a bus.
It’s now half-time, the score is 24-25.

Dodging everybody and dribbling the ball
Making every single person fall.
I'm almost at the shooting point.
But I start to get sore joints.
I'm still soldiering on.
I hide the ball with my shoulder.

Everything and everyone goes quiet.
I shoot the ball then
I get it in!
The crowd goes wild!
They are amazed
Because I got it in and I am a child!


Clearissa said...

Hey girl, I like the ending of your amazing poem. Your very good at rhyming words, would you like to teach me, I'm joking. If you had to change something or improve something in this poem, What would it be?

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