Thursday, 27 June 2013

Jump Rope

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Last Friday, Glen Innes School had Jump Rope for Heart. The reason for Glen Innes participating  in Jump Rope for heart, is to encourage the children to become fit and healthy.

All the routines showed enthusiasm, enjoyment and commitment. Every class put a lot of effort into their routine. Each class did about 3 to 4 minutes of skipping. Room 1 put the most effort into their performance. Even though a few children didn’t know how to skip it was a thrill to watch.  

Some of the music that the classes used were, not suitable for the age type. But  the music was great to listen too. Some classes did remixes some did a full song. All of them were good to listen too. It was great how Room 11 did an old fashion song because many of the classes skipped to new school music.

Glen Innes School has to be one of the fittest school that have ever done jump rope ! They put effort, enthusiasm energy and heaps more into their performances. Every schools should do Jump Rope for heart because its a great thing to watch. And the children will become healthy strong adults.


Sajiha said...

Talofa lava Crystal,
I also enjoyed Jump Rope for heart. This report is so outstanding and I really enjoy reading it. Will you be doing more reports?

Crystal said...

Malo Sajiha :) Thank you for your nice comment. Yes skipping was so much fun. And I will be doing loads of reports. Thank you once more .

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