Friday, 28 June 2013

Netball Experience

Walt: To tell your experience on Netball

Every Mondays, and Fridays I have Netball training and on Saturdays I play other clubs. When we train we do the basics. Such as, ball drills, defence, attacks, shooting and much, much more. Sometimes if we mess around coach makes us run to the end of the Courts. My coaches name its Matt. He’s a really great coach, because he’s strict which I think makes a good coach. If it wasn't’ for him I wouldn't be the good Netball player I am now.

My position is GK a.k.a Goal Keep. I like this position very much, but sometimes I feel as if this position its meaning less, but if we did not have goal keeps in Netball who would know what would happen? I would like to try out different position but I don’t think my coach would let me because he says I am the best at GK.

If you play Netball you have to committed to it. Like turn up on training at the right time, have the right shoes, right uniform and everything else. I try my best to stay committed to Netball. But I have to admit its hard to wake up in the mornings on Saturdays and go to Netball.


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